I apologise for the hiatus! I've been extremely busy over the past few months but have recently acquired some spare time! Thanks for the patience!

This is my new blog: http://www.immaculateimagery.blogspot.com/ if you want to come and check it out!

Thanks guys!

That Wordy Writer

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I'm just a young girl who loves to write!
I've been writing stories, songs and poems ever since I could string a sentence together!
When I'm not writing I enjoy listening to music, telling everyone how tired I am, laughing and scouring Wikipedia's Colour List for any new hues!
If you like my work, I will be very grateful if you would come back to read what's new :)
Thank you everyone!
That Wordy Writer
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A place to lose yourself in sensational stories, sentimental sonnets and poems, daring decriptions and loquacious lyrics.

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