Thoughtful Reminiscing

Whenever life discovers time and a place
I think back to days when you were around
You’re smiling back at me in your embrace
Your heartbeat was the only lucid sound.
How did you make the sun surface each day?
Your laugh? Your words? Your carefulness to me?
Oh, it was how you made my life seem gay.
I know it was wrong to have set you free.
How could I ever know if it was true?
And did we really give our love a chance?
It breaks my heart because I still love you
You never give me a short second glance.
Whenever life discovers place and a time
I think back to the days when you were mine.

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Olivia said...

That's so sad! Hopefully you're heart will stop breaking when you think of him, and it will make you smile

That Wordy Writer said...

Those days are absolutely golden!

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