The Warm Room

As sunlight filters through the bright vermillion curtains, the walls glimmer in the summer light. I see the sun through the curtains beaming like a firefly set high in the cerulean sky. The rays spread to the deep burgundy floor, which shimmers in the sun. My toes capture the warmth, which floods steadily through my body like humidity. My bed, entranced by daylight’s rays, seems to smile at my wardrobe, as a drowsy sunbather might do on a temperate day out of the sun. Minute particles of dust waft in and out of view like dancing, glittery fairies, very much alive for their daytime parties. Photographs on the wall, though some cracked, many a tie caught me reminiscing over times now lost, though memories staying fresh incessantly, never decaying. My loved ones in the picture seemed to call out to me in tender, yet inaudible words. They too seemed at ease basking in the majestic sun’s beam.

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